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Supporting the mission to end breast cancer forever

It’s a simple concept, really. Shred more. Give more. We like the idea of helping companies with their shredding needs while simultaneously giving back to our community. With Shred for the Cure, Kiosk Shredding and other shredding companies who partner with us donate a portion of revenue annually to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Shred for the Cure takes shredding to a new level, beyond responsible recycling, to impact breast cancer treatment research and development. By partnering with us, you’ll also benefit from community awareness since our on-site document destruction containers are labeled with the program.

Kiosk Shredding, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, proudly supports the Greater Cincinnati affiliate of Susan G. Komen. Our customers can direct that 10% of their shredding invoice be donated to Komen Greater Cincinnati. We proudly do this at no additional cost to our customers. In this way, we’re all working together for a cure.

Looking for shredding services?

At Kiosk Shredding, we sell and rent our self-service shredding kiosk machines and provide on-site and box destruction services, including large mass shredding. If you’re interested in buying or renting a shredding kiosk outside of our Greater Cincinnati region, we can assist you with the acquisition or put you in contact with one of our partners. To get started, contact us.

Looking to make Shred for the Cure part of your company giving?

Are you a shredding company interested in giving back to your local Susan G. Komen affiliate? We can assist you in creating a philanthropic program for your own shredding company, including Shred for the Cure branding exclusivity within your region. Contact us for more information.