Scan Temps leaving the office

Scan Temps: Our People, Your Equipment

Have your own high-speed scanning equipment but no staff time to do the job? Let A&L’s agency of temporary scanning professionals come to you. Once we know your needs and learn your document management process, we will place temporary personnel within your office to assist you in keeping your scanning up to date.

Benefits of working with A&L Scan Temps:
• Productivity – Your own personnel can focus on what they do best rather than spending endless hours scanning.
• Convenience – You can convert hard copy documents faster, improving information retrieval, which then enhances your overall office life.
• Cost efficiency – The cost of using Scan Temps quickly balances out with saved office time that previously was spent combing through paper files.
• Consistency – You won’t waste time re-training temporary staff from generic agencies. With Scan Temps, you always benefit from a scanning professional who knows your document management process.