How Companies Benefit from Digital Documentation and Retrieval

Increased Productivity, Efficiency, Convenience & Collaboration*

A document management system from A&L Imaging can improve workplace productivity by scanning documents and implementing a retrieval system. Ongoing support is available for companies that do not want to handle document imaging in house.

• Professionals spend up to 50% of their time looking for information, but only 5 to 15% of their time reading it
• Employees may spend up to 25% of their working hours on non-productive, document collaboration related tasks
• An estimated 5 to 7.5% of documents are routinely misplaced or misfiled

Reduced Operating Costs*

The majority of companies surveyed (over 90%) do not know how many documents they create annually, how much they spend on creation, storage and retrieval, what documents to keep, or how long they should be kept. In addition, as the U.S. and global community work on becoming more “green,” the quantity of paper waste may well be limited or subject to fines.

• On average, 19% of printed documents are wasted
• Organizations spend from 5 to 15% of total company revenue on document handling
• Up to 10% of staff costs are lost because employees can‘t find the right information to do their jobs
• For the 1,000 largest U.S. firms, improvements in document handling could save $250 million per firm annually

Protection of Valuable Data from Disaster*

A disaster is not necessarily caused by water, wind or fire. Documents can be lost, misplaced or stolen. Key employees can leave, taking the mental map to important data with them. Does your company have control over its documents? Do you have back-up copies of irreplaceable information? Document and image conversion plus a document management system can be your insurance against disaster.

• In the U.S., about 20 billion documents are created annually; 4 billion pages of these are internal office documents with archival value
• Corporate data doubles every six to eight months; 85% of which is contained in hard copy documents


* The Butler Group (UK) and BrightPlanet Corp.: Untapped Assets, white paper, July 2005