Going Digital

Going digital can be a big step. But when clients get to the other side of the document management mountain, they never look back. We’re proud to share some of our clients’ success stories.


A large independently owned food service distributor, a flooring distributor and an HVAC steel components distributor all have used A&L for document conversion and document management systems to centralize documents and speed up payments. A&L Imaging handles many of the day-to-day accounting documents such as invoices, packing slips, delivery confirmations, purchase orders, and accounts payable and receivable. Having this kind of system shortens the cash cycle and reduces audit time.


A major university, that ranks in the top 25 of public research universities by the National Science Foundation, contracted with A&L Imaging for a variety of projects. Professors wanted an electronic archive of information that could be made available to students. The university’s legal services needed contracts and other important documents converted. The university foundation needed a document management system. iSynergy was used as the system into which 1.5 million pages were scanned. The university president asked for a system not only to archive internal university mail, correspondence, emails and reports, but also to stay current with the inflow. A&L Imaging continues to provide services on an ongoing basis.


One of the world’s top three music publishing houses wanted to back up its contracts, song files, royalty agreements, and other vital and sensitive documents. A&L Imaging flew to California with equipment in hand and scanned 1.2 million images on site. A&L ran three shifts a day for three weeks of the on-site production. When A&L arrived back in Cincinnati, staff put all the digital images together with a database and then delivered the final product in less than two months.


• A one-dentist office, with more paper than space, contracted with A&L to convert patient records and priority documents and integrate them into an existing dental software system. If possible, A&L works with a client’s software and hardware already in place, both saving costs and increasing our client’s ROI. If needed, however, A&L can provide cutting edge software and hardware to clients.

• An eye care company with several offices needed more than 45,000 documents scanned and converted. Working with the company’s existing software, A&L created a network and system for search and retrieval.

• A major cardiology group with multiple sites and doctors needed to meet mandatory HIPAA regulations. They also wanted to improve their ability to serve their clients. A&L Imaging scanned and converted documents and then provided software to manage electronic records. This allowed the practice to do what they do best – help their patients.


• An international leader in secondary packaging solutions, such as palletizing and shrink and stretch wrapping equipment, needed to back up 20 years of engineering drawings – 15,000 oversized documents. The drawings were paper documents in metal filing cabinets. They were used daily and thus subject to being lost or damaged. Having all the drawings converted to a searchable electronic format protected the business core knowledge and made document searching more efficient.

• A Fortune 25 international consumer goods manufacturer wanted to create a repository of research data that could be shared by its scientists and professionals anywhere in the world. A&L Imaging scanned and converted 500,000 pages into a searchable .pdf format that pulls out content using keywords.

• When a Fortune 50 public, diversified consumer products manufacturer decided to sell its meat pouching business, many document challenges arose. Because existing stock had shelf lives that spanned several years, both the seller and buyer needed copies of the same documents in the event of product failure or litigation. The issue of who would pay for copies and how the paper work would jointly be handled became an opportunity for A&L Imaging. Because of document sensitivity, A&L worked on site, bringing the needed equipment. Buyer and seller could share key, confidential documents seamlessly and rapidly.

• A major North American manufacturer of specialty rigid metal and plastic containers for aerosol sprays and household, do-it-yourself products wanted to centralize human resources information. Managing HR in many plants was a paperwork nightmare. By scanning and converting paper to electronic documents, A&L Imaging was able to organize the many types of information that make up personnel and HR files by first scanning and converting hard copy and then providing an active interface to the data stored on a server. Any type of document could be searched for in the company’s existing HR management system and correlated with other documents by using an employee ID number.