Invoices, service agreements, contracts, RFPs and proposals, purchase orders, bills of lading, Mill Test reports, blueprints, MSDS sheets, manuals, proof of deliveries, transcripts, prescriptions, maps, medical records, memoranda, letters, immigration work permits, employment applications, worker’s compensation forms, membership forms, forensic documents, receipts, merger and acquisition documentation, email…

A&L is committed to delivering state-of-the-art business automation solutions for any department, division, organization or global enterprise. Our solutions are designed to:

  • Input/load files to your existing software, whether a document management system or not
  • Support linkage and correlation of unstructured data with state-of-the-art software
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing line of business applications from simple to sophisticated
  • Reduce or eliminate expenditures associated with manual business processes, such as filing, indexing, storing, and retrieving documents
  • Swiftly address regulatory issues, ensuring your compliance with industry-specific regulations
  • Provide a secure environment from which information can be shared across a network or the Internet
  • Scale to meet the growing needs of your business

In addition to color copying and binding, web hosting, in-house data storage, and off site server-based storage A&L Imaging also provides services for storing and distributing information and images in a portable format. Compact disks (CD) and Digital Video Disks (DVD) are the most cost-effective media for disseminating information, backing up data, providing online training, or enhancing corporate communications. We can duplicate or replicate large or small volumes of CDs or DVDs, as well as provide screen printing and packaging services.

We believe that from your order to delivery, our output must meet your standards and conform to your schedule. Our services include:

Full Document Preparation

  • Pre-prep — removing binding, staples, paper clips, sticky notes
  • Post-prep for archiving and storage 

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Digital Scanning & Conversion

  • High speed, state-of-the-art color processing
  • Scan paper files to .TIF or .PDF (other formats available)
  • Image & data conversion
  • Oversize and color imaging for drawings, blueprints, or posters

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Professional Indexing, Coding & Numbering

  • Double-blind indexing with reconciliation to yield 100 accuracy
  • Bar coding
  • Document numbering

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Digital Document Copying

  • Complete digital photocopying with cutting edge equipment 
  • Binding services 
  • Blowbacks on demand 
  • Output high quality poster size 
  • CD and DVD replication and duplication (screen printing, mastering, packaging) 

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On-Site Scanning Services

  • Services can include anything detailed on this page!

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Other Services Provided by A&L

  • Project management
  • Web hosting Consulting
  • Systems integration Sales of state of the art equipment and software
  • Ongoing support for data control and dissemination strategies Repository services
  • Digital Records management 

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