Digital Solutions for Every Market

No matter your market, human resources and accounting departments, especially, can generate a huge document load. A&L Imaging is experienced in converting such documents into a system that can be accessed by designated personnel from anywhere in the world. Documents scanned into standardized formats can be retrieved, updated, linked or correlated at will. And we can set up a secure in-house or external system for electronic storage and retrieval. We maintain our edge with state-of-the-art software and equipment, and we stay current on all regulations pertaining to maintaining, copying, storing and disseminating information.

Corporate/Legal Scanning

We provide litigation support and services to law offices as well as corporate legal departments. Our work with electronic discovery ensures compliance with all relevant regulations. We can provide on-site scanning services to maximize security. A&L Imaging will provide products and services tailored to your legal needs.

Corporate/Specialty Archives

Archiving an organization’s history and special projects/events often includes the challenge of what to do with odd-sized drawings, posters or aging materials. We provide digital solutions that preserve these priceless items while also helping free up valuable office space. LEARN MORE >


A&L Imaging can tie all your branches and divisions into one virtual place. Regardless of what your company distributes, A&L Imaging can scan existing documents, then set up a system for staying current with invoices, packing slips, delivery confirmations, purchase orders, or accounts payable and receivable. Having this kind of system can shorten your cash cycle and reduce audit time.


We serve many manufacturers and consumer goods companies from Fortune 25 down to $10 million a year businesses throughout the United States. A&L is called on to assist these companies with information gathering and dissemination within their organization. In many cases, we are creating a digital copy of highly sensitive company materials, which are the backbone of a business group. From Research & Development to Engineering designs, we have often been referred to as an “inexpensive and essential insurance policy.”

Medical Scanning/Retrieval

As specified in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) patient file conversion for electronic medical record systems, A&L provides rapid, confidential imaging conversion services. Scanning can be done at your place of business to ensure compliance with privacy laws. LEARN MORE >

We Scan it All!

Invoices, service agreements, contracts, RFPs and proposals, purchase orders, bills of lading, Mill Test reports, blueprints, MSDS sheets, manuals, proof of deliveries, transcripts, prescriptions, maps, medical records, memoranda, letters, immigration work permits, employment applications, worker’s compensation forms, membership forms, forensic documents, receipts, merger and acquisition documentation, email and more!