Why Choose a Document Imaging System?

Speedy service is a powerful competitive advantage. It can be the most significant difference between you and your competitors. Quick-access document retrieval can give you the edge in customer service, client satisfaction and general organizational productivity. Click here for more digital imaging benefits.

With A&L Imaging’s document management system, your designated departments, divisions, employees and customers can access and send documents instantly, from anywhere in the world.

From order to delivery, we’re committed to meeting your standards and schedule. Our services include:
Document Scanning
Scan Temps
On-Site Document Scanning/Copying
Medical Records & Release of Information
Oversized & Archives Scanning
Shred for the Cure
Other Services

Large, Small and Everywhere in Between

Our products and services can be used in any business, organization, global enterprise or one-person operation. We provide imaging and retrieval services for a single personal computer or an international network. We maintain our edge with state-of-the-art software and equipment, and we stay current on all regulations pertaining to maintaining, copying, storing and disseminating information.

Our state-of-the-art business automation solutions are designed to:
• Input/load files to your existing software, whether a document management system or not
• Support linkage and correlation of unstructured data with state-of-the-art software
• Seamlessly integrate with your existing line of business applications from simple to sophisticated
• Reduce or eliminate expenditures associated with manual business processes, such as filing, indexing, storing and retrieving documents
• Swiftly address regulatory issues, ensuring your compliance with industry-specific regulations
• Provide a secure environment from which information can be shared across a network or the Internet
• Scale to meet the growing needs of your business

Serving you with more

We enhance our document imaging solutions with the below additional services. Call us to discover how these additional services can benefit your business or organization.
• Web hosting consulting
• Systems integration sales of state-of-the-art equipment and software
• Ongoing support for data control and dissemination strategies repository services
• Digital records management

We Scan it All!

Invoices, service agreements, contracts, RFPs and proposals, purchase orders, bills of lading, Mill Test reports, blueprints, MSDS sheets, manuals, proof of deliveries, transcripts, prescriptions, maps, medical records, memoranda, letters, immigration work permits, employment applications, worker’s compensation forms, membership forms, forensic documents, receipts, merger and acquisition documentation, email and more!